Brahma Kumaris promoting mental health awareness

Mashudu Mambo

BRAHMA Kumaris spiritual organisation hosted a one day event yesterday at the Zimbabwe Academy of Music in Bulawayo with an aim of providing solutions in dealing with mental health challenges.

The organization was founded in 1936 and it is in 130 countries worldwide. Their goal is to help people explore their inner qualities and achieve self-mastery. The event was run under the theme ‘love, peace, unity key to success.’

World renowned spiritual and motivational speaker and a representative of the organisation BK Shivani, said their aim is to help people in dealing with mental health issues.

“Our goal is to educate people on simple tools on how they can strengthen their minds and lifestyle habits which are depleting their energy. We realised that we are living in a world where stress is normalised and this has led to a number of conditions like depression, anxiety and panic attacks,” she said.

Shivani said they are promoting healthier habits of dealing with stressful situations.

“The aim is teaching the public that what they are normalising is not their nature and we will do this through using simple tools and methods to help them get back to their position of peace, love and power.

“We are teaching them about spiritual principles, meditation and the importance of love and peace. All our programs and courses are free and everyone is welcome,” she said.




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