Boyfriend orders lover to snub ex-hubbya��s funeral

. Nhlalwenhle Ncube
COWDRAY Park residents in Bulawayo were reportedly left questioning morals of another resident after her newly found boyfriend banned her from mourning the father of her children at the couplea��s home.

It is reported that the now deceased Innocent Goreraza was married to Florence Goreraza, but the man was forced out of their matrimonial home following marital problems.

The woman then found new love who then moved in with her at their matrimonial home.

As fate would have it, Goreraza reportedly died and the womana��s boyfriend only identified as Ndebele pulled a shocker after hearing about the death as he banned the woman from mourning her husband.

As if that was not enough, he reportedly denied mournersA� permission to gather at the house.

A neighbour spoke on condition of anonymity.

a�?Ndebele is just the womana��s boyfriend and it is sad that he wants to be in control.

a�?He does not even want the woman to mourn her husband at their matrimonial home and we understand Gorerazaa��s body stayed for days in the mortuary.

a�?It is really sad because as a community we knew that man and Ndebele is a mere boyfriend who just wants to enjoy good living without hard work,a�? said the neighbour.

When B-Metro visited the familya��s home, they found Ndebele and he confirmed the death.

a�?The woman you are looking for is MaTshuma and she is not around as she accompanied her children to their fathera��s funeral.

a�?I wonder who told you what you are talking about as I am not aware of it. All I know is that this woman separated with Goreraza years ago.

a�?The children only got to hear about his death from a relative who phoned them from Cape Town and that is when they proceeded to the hospital mortuary to look for him,a�? said Ndebele, who claimed to be MaTshumaa��s uncle.

Ndebele emphasised the point that the woman had accompanied her children to their fathera��s burial.

Efforts to get a comment from the woman at the centre of controversy were fruitless as she was not answering her two mobile numbers.

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