Big reveal: Zuma’s ex to shake Mzansi!

SOUTH AFRICA’S Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco has returned to theRealHousewivesfranchise.LaConco (32, who was engaged to former South Africa President Jacob Zuma, was in Real Housewives of Durban for two seasons and quit in 2022. She is now part of the Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip South Africa. The show will premiere on 27 May on Showmax.

LaConco said when they asked her if she was interested in joining, she almost immediately said yes. She said at the time she was chatting with one of the producers about something else.

“They then inquired about whether I knew of this particular Housewives franchise, which I admitted to having a bit of knowledge of. The producer then proceeded to ask if I was interested in being part of this version, and my answer was a definite yes.

What also piqued my interest about this version was the location. When I was informed that we’d be filming in Jamaica, I was 100% sold on the idea, even though at the time I didn’t know who was going to be part of the cast,” she said.

The season was filmed in five cities with other Housewives from all the South African franchises.
“For the first time in all my travelling experiences, I found that when we were in Jamaica, I wasn’t homesick. I only missed my son and mum. When I travelled to Europe and Asia, I was homesick. However, this time around it was different.

“Jamaica was like my home away from home, especially when it comes to the food. I loved our housekeeper Mr Alton’s cooking. The overall hospitality experience was also amazing. Five-star treatment at its best.

I also loved that the gym was a stone’s throw away from my room,” she said.
LaConco said she would be announcing something big that would get Mzansi talking. She said being in the news is no longer shocking.

“There’s new information about me that’ll be revealed, and will probably create a lot of talk, but that all comes with being on a public platform. How I’ve handled fame is always ensuring that I stay true to myself and I’m intact and not shaken by whatever is out there

. Everything is constantly happening around you, but if you’re at peace within yourself, you can then navigate around all these external factors. So, whatever waves that will come with The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, I’ll always pass them because I’m content with who I am,” LaConco said. (Source:

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