B-METRO COMMENT: The devil in church

A WAVE of depravity is sweeping across the leadership of Christendom with many preachers being caught in embarrassing situations.

One such instance of moral decadence was carried by B-Metro last week. Leo Lali (ABOVE), a relatively popular preacher with one Pentecostal church in Nortona��s Katanda suburb was unmasked as a habitual thief.

He was apprehended by members of the public in the early hours after raiding a house in the suburb.

He was later found in possession of stolen goods worth thousands of dollars, including electrical gadgets, kitchen utensils, blankets and even live road-runner chickens were recovered in one of his rooms. A T35 truck used by the police to take the goods to the police station proved to be too small for the task.

Lalia��s case shows the extent to which some preachers have gone morally bankrupt in a manner that even the devil himself would envy.

They say money is the root of all evil, and it is the biggest single reason why the current trend in the Christian community has been pushing many pastors and preachers away from God every single day.

Some preachers have been accused of manipulating or abusing their followers. One reported case involved a preacher who said that barren women should sleep with him to have babies.

What happened to the timesA� when men of God were renowned for their simple lifestyles?

Many would leave the comfort of their homes and endure the hardships to impart Goda��s word to the masses.

Numerous modern dayA� preachers condemn the media when it exposes these cases. Should the media view false preaching as a serious threat or should it tone down its opposition and seek unity based on compromise with those whose practices cannot be found in scriptures?

Another question is: In view of the bad picture brought about by bogus preachers denting the image of the church, what then is being done by the church mother bodies to ensure souls are not misled?

Considering the manner in which many preachers have descended from the high moral grounds where they are expected to reside, the biblical verse Matthew 7:15 is something that Christians should seek guidance from.

a�?a�?Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheepa��s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolvesa�? (NIV).

Some schools of thought question whether these men of God have any biblical calling or are motivated and benefit from desperation of divine intrusion of the poor.

From this it is clear society must not leave such preachers to the forgiveness of God, but should deal with them according to the law.

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