Arts Focus: And then there was Khuliyo

Nkululeko Nkala

A few weeks ago I mentioned that February is pregnant with entertainment starting from the 19th with Sunduzaa��s Voices in the rocks, followed by Tensions on the 26th a�� a play produced by T.H Moyo and finally on the 27th a show dubbed Amaphupho Amatsha by Khuliyo.

I remember promising to tell you more about Khuliyo as I know there has been many questions than answers. So who or what is Khuliyo? I am Khuliyo. Yes. Me.

For those that do not know before this whole writing business and before being Director of an Arts Festival I was on Stage and so I am back on stage, starting on the 27th of February at the Bulawayo Theatre.

Why the name Khuliyo? I have been called by that name for almost eight years now (mostly by those close to me).

The name was given to me by one Louise Prior in Europe, she could not pronounce my name properly so she started calling me Khuliyo. Siyaya Arts and Zambezi Express guys liked it and started calling me by that name.

Obviously she could have been led by that other Coolio, so in choosing this as my stage name I decided to Ndebelerise the name hence a�?Khuliyoa�?. One may ask, why did I not just use Nkue or Nkululeko, my reasoning is I wanted to draw a line between my two characters, the artiste and the administrator.

Because of all the other things I do in the arts industry, managing a few acts, working with different arts organisations and being director for the Beitbridge International Festival of the Arts. It is wise to tell who is what as I wear different caps for both.

Here is what I was doing from the beginning of the year. I wrote songs and went into the studio. Though the drive was that I wanted to prove a point, that good music can be made from the region (especially to those with amazing voices that I have begged to manage and have met resistance kkkkkk), I must say I enjoyed every moment. So a few weeks later, Khuliyo has a recorded album and ita��s called Amaphupho Amatsha (New Dreams). It does not mean I have abandoned the Old dreams. I will still do all the other things I do, I have just added one more.

The Album has nine tracks and features some of the creame de la creme of the City. The album was recorded by Mjox and Shakes of Emafletsini Studios this year. Ita��s a cocktail of all music(s) though a little inclined towards Afro Jazz, it has lacings of all the other genres. A hip-hop person will enjoy it as much as a Mbaqanga and gospel person would. In the album I feature Jeys Marabini in one track, Busani Nkomo of Umdumo Wesizwe in another, Cheryl Mabaya of Iyasa in one and Tafara a�?Mjoxa�? Joga on one of the tracks.

Whata��s happening on the 27th of February? Ita��s the Amaphupho Amatsha Show, which is a mixture of a brand launch, album launch and a show launch. We are busy in the rehearsal room trying to bring something fresh, well thought and a little different from the usual. Even though the venue is a 300-seater and more than half the tickets are gone, the whole city is invited. The show is next week Saturday at the Bulawayo Theatre, advance tickets are already on sale at $3 and $5 at the door. For bookings please call 0772214373, 0772814185 and 0715654255, we will deliver if you are in town.

Until next week, be safe.

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