After getting homestead, cows, Sikhosana begs for a car from fans

Langalakhe Mabena

Internet sensation Sikhosana Buhlungu who is popular for being a Folklore musician and comedian has resurfaced on social media with fresh demands – this time around he wants fans to buy him a Honda Fit vehicle.

The award-winning artiste, born and bred in Nkayi, Matabeleland North province, posted on his Facebook account this week, asking his fans to put together money and buy him the car as he says he is tired of using a bicycle for transportation.

“Good people, since you built me a house and bought me five cows, now what can stop you from buying me a Honda Fit? Please try by all means and search your pockets so that you buy me the car.

Imagine my wife walking so much distances until her legs get sore while you are there. Please buy the car,” posted Sikhosana on his timeline originally written in IsiNdebele.

Last year, when this reporter visited the Dlala Ntethe hitmaker, he also hinted that he desperately needs the car.

“My fans, the other thing that I am proud of is that you built this homestead for me and I am grateful. What I need the most now is that you buy me a car, so that I can rest from travelling long distances on a bicycle.

When I meet people here (in Nkayi), they ask why am I still using a bicycle while my fans can simply get me a car njenge khiwa (like a boss).

This will make my life easy because I am getting old,” said Sikhosana in a video that B-Metro is in possession of.

His request has generated mixed emotions from his fans on social media as most of them say he “now demands too much from them”. Others are willing to buy him the car only if he releases new music for them.

One of his handlers, Madlela Skhobokhobo said that people have to understand that Sikhosana is also a comedian.

He said the post might have been a joke he made, unaware that people would take it seriously.

“I think it was a joke. People also have to remember that Sikhosana is a comedian and he makes jokes on his social media pages.

It would be unfair for him to demand a car from his fans because they built him a beautiful homestead. Even if he says he was serious, it’s now up to his fans to support his request, but I still maintain that he was joking,” said Skhobokhobo.




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