Actor Menzi Ngubane accused of sexual, verbal, emotional assault

In a recently published book, the late Menzi Ngubane, a renowned and accomplished actor, has been implicated as an abuser.

On the other hand, Sikelelwa, the widow, was completely unaware of the book’s existence until it hit the shelves. Understandably, she is quite upset, feeling that her late husband’s name is being exploited for the sake of book sales. Ngubane passed away in March 2021.

Upon learning about Ngubane’s ex-lover Maureen Ndlovu’s book, titled Beautiful Broken Crown, which exposes his alleged sexual, verbal, and emotional assaults, Sikelelwa was taken aback and disheartened.

The author portrays Ngubane as someone who was completely consumed with himself, displaying an inflated sense of self-importance and behaving like a tyrant, using her solely for physical intimacy.

“That night he forced and pinned her on the bed aggressively, and he was bigger than her. She started bleeding down there. When she tried to stop him, he didn’t stop and he didn’t show any remorse. She was puzzled by his behaviour, but she gave him the benefit of the doubt. They continued with their confusing relationship,” reads chapter 4 of the book, which focuses on Ndlovu’s alleged ordeal with the late actor. The book has 65 chapters.

When questioned about her habit of referring to herself in the third person, Ndlovu charmingly clarified that her memoir was not just about herself, but also included the captivating stories of others. In her book, she humorously alleges that Ngubane had a rather unpleasant encounter with her during her time as an extra in the SABC1 soapie, Generations, between 2004 and 2005.

Surprisingly, she refrained from taking any legal action or informing the production team about the incident, choosing instead to reveal the truth in her self-published book. According to her, the chapter about Ndlovu was penned back in 2023, but for some reason, she lacked the audacity to share it with the world at that time.

She humorously mentioned that, regardless of Ngubane’s demise, she would have still published the book. She also shared that it took her a good five to six years to recover from the supposed ordeal she endured at his hands. She cleverly managed to steer clear of any encounters with him and even gave up watching TV to avoid catching a glimpse of his face.

On the other hand, Sikelelwa expressed her disbelief at the audacity of accusing a deceased person of such offences. According to her, in the years covered in the book, her late husband managed to juggle both her and his ex-wife, Lerato Sedibe, in his dating life. He accused Ndlovu of seeking fame using Ngubane’s name.

‘I didn’t find dali (darling) on a tree. He was way older than I was, so obviously he dated a couple of people. But my husband was never verbally abusive. He was the sweetest person ever. People shouldn’t try to get clout by lying about others, especially someone who isn’t here to defend himself. You can ask his ex-wife. My late husband was never an abusive person in a relationship. He loved himself too much and would never force himself on anyone. He hated even hearing any other man shouting at their partner,” said Menzi’s widow.

Ndlovu shared with City Press that back in 2006, she made the bold decision to leave the world of acting behind and pursue a different career path. The reason behind this choice was her unwillingness to continue enduring what she described as a distressing experience caused by the late actor. When pressed for evidence, she admitted she had none to offer. The only person who could vouch for her relationship with Ngubane was a former colleague, who was unaware of any abuse. (Source:


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