A decade of laughs for Ms Dee

Langalakhe Mabena

Local funny ace comedienne Nomusa Diana Muleya otherwise known as Ms Dee has revealed plans of rebranding and freshening her humour skills, as she celebrates 10 years in the comedy industry.

The first comic lady at Umahlekisa Comedy Club, which also celebrates 10 years of existence, said she was working on making a turnaround in her career and show maturity in her skits and stand-up comedy sets which will conquer while celebrating a decade in the male-dominated industry.

Ms Dee


“My first-ever gig was the Mayor’s Christmas cheer fund at City Hall in 2012 and it feels like yesterday. That gig opened doors for me as I went on to perform at big festivals including the Harare International Festival of Arts (Hifa) and Beitbridge International Festival of Arts (Bifa).

“It’s now a 10 good years in the industry, and lately I have been working on a turnaround, polishing fresh, new and mature content. I can’t keep crawling, it’s time to show growth as a person and in my craft,” said Ms Dee.

She gives credit to the late comedian Clive Chigubu and Ntando Van Moyo for giving her a chance to kick-start her career.
“My journey in comedy hasn’t been a walk in the park because we must bear in mind that it’s a male-dominated industry and women are always suppressed or not given a chance to showcase what they are capable of.

“Growing up, I had always been the funny one at home and among my friends. So, I decided to give it a try in the comedy space and turn it into a career.
“I was introduced in the game by the late Clive Chigubu and Ntando Van Moyo, as they had already started their journeys as comedians, and these are the guys who believed in my craft and to date, I am part of Umahlekisa, which is also grooming other female comedians.

Ms Dee and Ntando Van Moyo

“It’s not easy for a female to find a notch in any industry but to young women who want to pursue work in a male-dominated industry like comedy, I encourage them to buckle up, don’t expect favours, put your ‘A’ game, work hard, research and believe in yourself and everyone will follow,” said Ms Dee.
Ms Dee is a mother of one, a son by the name El-Shaddai.

She cherishes every moment she has had in grooming her son who is studying IT and Software Engineering.

“Mothering El-Shaddai has always been a blessing because I had him when I was young. When I parted ways with his dad, we shared responsibility between me and his father’s family, so he has a great support system.

“He (son) is not passionate about arts. I am proud to have a child who knows what he wants and doesn’t go for careers because dad did this or mum did that. He does what he is passionate about,” said Ms Dee.

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