A concert for Mzoe 7 EP launch

Langalakhe Mabena

He has been in the showbiz scene for over a decade. He has survived every harsh trench that characterises the dog-eat-dog industry, and all those experiences make Mzoe 7 a mature and complete artiste.

To prove his comprehensiveness, the multi-award-winning all-rounder creative is set to launch his first Extended Play titled Seven on 1 April in a live concert at the Bulawayo Theatre.

It will be the first time for Mzoe 7 to perform with a complete band and backing vocalists in his career, something which he said “is a good experiment”.

“The EP, Seven, is inspired by the completion I feel as a creative. I now have all the components of being complete from singing, dancing and even acting.
“Seewelltone is the main producer of the EP. I also worked with other great producers like Lance Hebron, Toohigh and DJ Skaiva who also helped on mixing one of the songs.

“Babongile Sikhonjwa and Rakeem are some of the people that feature on the EP,” said Mzoe 7.

Mzoe 7

For such a big launch to be smooth, there is a need to collaborate with minds and corporates that have the same vision of succeeding as you and Mzoe 7 is lucky to have collaborated with talented creatives as well as having corporates coming on board for his dream to come true.

“In coming up with the concert, I felt there is so much I really want to share with my people out there through music, hence I finally put together this artistic project that really defines who I am.

“I collaborated with Sound Culture and also different corporates came on board for the concert to be successful, including Sneaker Hub, Itel Home, Keaitse Films, Larry Mhlanga Foundation, Skyz Metro FM among others.

“Vocal X is committed to doing the vocals and they have been very instrumental in making sure that the vocals are on point, Megatrons and Crazy Masters have been working tirelessly on the dance side.

“On the band I am working with Shekinah, D Boy, Caleb and Vuyi Sax. I am working with very talented souls that are also making sure we get the best show going. Fans should expect the unexpected on the day,” said Mzoe 7.
General tickets for the concert are pegged at US$5, VIP and VVIP tickets are pegged at US$10 and US$50 respectively.

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