a�?All tsikamutandas are fakea��

Nhlalwenhle Ncube
The who, when, how and why of the unscrupulousA� tsikamutandas is a mystery, but B-Metro sought to unravel some of the discrepancies at least according to a main actor a�� one witch-hunter that has been at loggerheads with a whole community.

Lazarus Siziba (34, ABOVE) who has worked with the so-called . tsikamutandas and claims to have been mistaken to be one of them says tsikamutandas are ALL fake.

a�?There is no such thing as a tsikamutanda. All those who claim to be tsikamutandas are just fakes and robbers because they do not have any powers.a�?

Lazarus Siziba has a pending assault case at the courts following an incident where he allegedly beat up a Matopo woman for refusing to have a cleansing ceremony at her homestead.

Siziba reportedly terrorised villagers in Matopo by forcibly entering their homes to remove goblins and evil spirits.

All hell-broke loose when Siziba and his colleagues stormed Buhle Moyoa��s homestead claiming that she had goblins.A� Moyo tried to chase them away, but they turned on her andA� beat her up with logs.

He now seems to have repented.

a�?A person should either be a prophet or traditional healer and this whole tsikamutandas thing is a pure lie because I knowA� these people and have worked with them. They cannot expose witches, but only real prophets and traditional healers can do that,a�? said Siziba.

a�?Tsikamutandas are fake, they do not even know how to catch the goblins. In my lifetime I have never seen any of them being successful in that regard,a�? he said.

Siziba revealed that the tsikamutandas issue started sometime in 1994 after a strange incident in Manicaland.

a�?In 1994, there were sacred mountains in Manicaland where some people disturbed rituals angering the ancestors.

As a result mermaids started sleeping with villagers and the victims were found dead with missing body parts. It is when one man who only identified himself as Gaurani went to the area and announced that he had come to save the villagers.

a�?He wanted to trap all witches and therefore put a log which all villagers were made to step on, but witches and wizards got stuck on it.

a�?When calling the next person to jump, he said tsika mutanda (step on the log),a�? revealed Siziba.

A few years after the incident, the so-called tsikamutandas spread to rural areas in the name of hunting for witches demanding payment in livestock.

One of the reasons why people question the genuineness of tsikamutandas is why they do not operate in their own villages.

a�?You will never see tsikamutandas operating from his place or village, but they travel to villages far from their original homes. If you check those who come to Matabeleland, they will be said to be from as far as Masvingo and other far places,a�? said Siziba.

In Zimbabwe there are two associations known as Zimbabwe Faith Healers Association and Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association, but these tsikamutandas do not belong to any of these two groups. Prophet Sylvester Nyoni, a Bulawayo-based prophet concurred that most tsikamutandas were bogus.

a�?Most of the tsikamutandas are fraudsters because they would have planted what they later claim to be the goblins.

They also consult corrupt traditional healers to get juju to trick people,a�? he said. Another traditional healer said no one understood tsikamutandas except that they were bogus.

a�?The traditional healersa�� mission is to heal and assist people in their social problems. What is being done by tsikamutandas is something bogus and might be the reason why they do not even have an association where people can get to understand their works.a�?

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