15-year jail sentence for attempted rape

Mashudu Mambo

A MAN from Hope Fountain in Matabeleland North province has been slapped with a 15-year jail sentence after he attempted to rape a 22-year-old woman who was on her way home.

Cowden Mhlotshwa (36) appeared before Bulawayo regional magistrate Joseph Mabeza facing a charge of attempted rape. He pleaded not guilty but was convicted and sentenced. Five years of his sentence was suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour, he will serve an effective 10-year jail term.

The court heard that on 12 February 2024 at around 5pm, the victim was walking on a dust road when she met up with Mhlotshwa who was coming from the opposite direction.

Mhlotshwa then disappeared into the bushes and reappeared in front of the victim, she  turned into a footpath towards her home. 

He caught up with the victim and started proposing love to her. Mhlotshwa asked the victim if she was married and if she wanted a husband, the victim turned down his proposal and he suddenly grabbed her breasts.

Mhlotshwa allegedly dragged her into the bush while attempting to kiss her, she screamed and he produced an okapi knife from his jacket and threatened to stab her if she kept on making some noise.

The victim wrestled with the culprit and managed to disarm him of the knife, in the process she lost control and fell down.

She continued screaming and the culprit sat on her back and held her throat, tried to take off her jeans but he failed.

Mhlotshwa stood up and fled into the bushes leaving the victim on the ground in possession of the knife. Investigations were carried out leading to the arrest of Mhlotshwa.


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